Kraft Dunnage Bags


Used to secure cargo in transit; whether transported by sea, container, rail or truck. The empty dunnage bag is placed in the voids between the cargo and inflated using compressed air. Prevents movement related to multi modes of transport and handling associated with intermodal carriage. Made with quick fill valves for fast fill and deflation. Water resistant, economical & strong. Made from 100% Recyclable materials (Kraft, LLDPE 4 & PP 5)


The inner bag is made of co-extruded high quality polyethylene (PE) film ensuring an air-tight seal. The outer of the bag is made of extensible Kraft liner for maximum strength and durability. These materials are recyclable and contain no heavy metals.

Air Valve

Our dunnage air bags are equipped with a patented valve, which allows fast inflation and deflation. When used with our inflator the time for inflation and deflation is  significantly reduced.

Features & Benefits:
• Available in several different types and sizes, depending on the products and mode of transportation.
• Have a very high strength due to complete unique choice of materials and composition.
• Made from environmentally friendly materials. Reusable and recyclable.
• Meet the European regulations regarding the content of heavy metals.

2-Ply or 4-Ply.

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